Mary as Mother

Contemplate Jesus lying in His Crib, wrapped in the might of divine peace and redemptive suffering.  Mary, kneeling, enraptured, in ecstasy, watches over the Child, over the Eternal One.  She meditates on another Bethlehem, on quite another Crib, a crib of apparent repose, but of real and perpetual immolation, the Altar!

Looking ahead through the centuries to come, the loving Queen, the sorrowing Virgin contemplates this lasting Bethlehem, indestructible through the ages, where this same adorable Child will be born thousands of times upon the Altar.  She sees Him placed, like a mild prisoner, between the walls of a humble and silent Tabernacle.  Glancing down at her sleeping Child, she beholds the same Jesus—her God—humbled even more in each ciborium, than He is in the manger.

The vision of Bethlehem has become reality.  On every altar, Jesus-Host seems to sleep, and Mary continues to guard this Eucharistic crib from which Jesus constantly watches over us.  ~ Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey

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Breath of Adoration

Deep in adoration he breathes with me,  the Blessed Sacrament expanding with each breath I take.  I feel the golden chains extend to my heart enfolding it in bliss. Whom is adoring whom? I am with him now as then, time stands still. I walk with him, feeling the sun on my face and the silken sand at my feet. I remember, through the Tabernacle, out into the expansion of the interconnection of time. He is in my heart just as my entire being lives in his, the union of breath and beating hearts.

The silence of adoration is where the subtlest whispering can be heard, where the breath can be felt and where the knowing can occur. “Let me take root in your heart,” my heart swells with joy.


Eucharistic Adoration for 2000+ Years

I found a great website with good information on Eucharistic Adoration I wanted to share.

Mary, Perfect Adorer

At the Visitation, Mary is called ‘Blessed’ by Elizabeth because of her perfect trust in God.

“Blest is she who trusted.” (Lk 1:46)

Perfect trust is based not on ourselves but on the infinite perfections of God; His infinite mercy, His infinite justice, His infinite goodness, His infinite compassion, His infinite power, His infinite love. As Mary reached out to Elizabeth in her time of need, so now Mary reaches out to us with her Divine Son, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

This is the joy of the Visitation mystery:

“In the tender compassion of our God” – He continues to visit us in the Holy Eucharist that we may come to Him with confidence. As John the Baptist recognized Jesus hidden in the womb of Mary, the first tabernacle of the Lord, so now we recognize Jesus hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, the mystery of our faith. Elizabeth leaped for joy in His presence then, just as we rejoice in His presence now for here Jesus pours out His Spirit upon us in this Sacrament of infinite love.

~ Excerpt from the book “Come to Me”


Anima Christi

Anima Christi 

Soul of Christ, sanctify me, Body of Christ, heal me.

Blood of Christ, drench me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me, Good Jesus, hear me.

In your wounds shelter me. From turning away keep me.

From the evil one, protect me. At the hour of death, call me.

Into your presence lea d me, to praise all your saints for ever and ever. Amen.

The persistency of the love of Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament is undeniable proof that He loves us. He loves, He hopes and He waits.

“Does He love me personally?” we ask. Jesus gives Himself wholly and entirely to each one of us. If the church is full of adorers, can they not all pray to Jesus and converse with him? Is not each one listened to as if she or he were the only one in the church?

Such is the personal love of Jesus for us. Each one may take it all for himself and wrong no one, the sun gives all its light to each and every one of us, the ocean belongs wholly and entirely to each and every one. Jesus is greater than us all and He is inexhaustible.

I love them; I see them; I am waiting for them; I am coming to them. Jesus is then with us; and as long as there are adorers on Earth, Jesus will be there to protect them. This is the secret of longevity of the Church, people fear the enemies of the Church, but that comes from lack of faith. Let us take good care of Jesus and we have nothing to fear. If we love Jesus in the Eucharist, He will always be able to say, “I have a home”. He has pitched His tent in the midst of you so that you may see Him at all times. While you are working think often of this good Brother who is always present among you, protecting you and looking down on you in kindness. The more helpless and forgotten you are, the more He loves you. You hear His words, not indeed the words that strike the ear, but that touch the heart and give it peace and joy.

If you have faith in these things, if you understand your happiness, here you have for yourself and your own, Jesus, for whom no substitution can be found.

~ St Peter Julian Eymard

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True Eucharistic Adoration

I have been spending a lot of time lately at Adoration and to me, it is the best way to connect with God to feel His nearness and to be able to listen to him through the silence.

Pater tales queril qui adoreni cum…in spiritu et veritate

The Father seeks us to adore Him….in spirit and in truth ~ John 4:23

The object of Eucharistic adoration is the Divine Person of our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Most Blessed Sacrament, He is living there, He wants us to speak to Him, and He will speak to us. Anybody may speak to the Lord. Is He not there for everyone?

This conversation between the soul and our Lord is the true Eucharistic adoration.

Faith pure and detached from the senses and free in its action unites us simply to the truth of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. “The flesh profits nothing’” says the Savior. “My words are spirit and life.”
His whole life our Lord prepared the Eucharist in secret, the heavenly wheat was, as it were, sown in Bethlehem the “house of bread”.  See the wheat on the straw, trodden and crushed representing poor humanity, of itself barren. The grain sown, the tears of Jesus will make it grow into beautiful wheat. Bethlehem is built on a hill facing Jerusalem, when the ear is ripened, it shall lean toward Calvary where it shall be ground and be set on the fire of suffering to become a living bread.
One likes to penetrate a veiled truth, to discover a hidden treasure, to triumph over a difficulty. In like manner the faithful soul, in the presence of the Eucharistic veil, seeks the Lord like Mary Magdalene at the tomb. Her longing for Him grows more intense. Like the bride in Canticle of Canticles she calls for Him. She delights in ascribing to Him everything that is beautiful, in adoring Him with every kind of glory. The Eucharist is to her what God is to the blessed: a truth and beauty ever old and ever new, that one never tires of fathoming and looking into.

Quaeram quem diligit anima mea! “O Lord, beloved of my soul I will seek Thee forever. Show me thy adorable face!”

~ From the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard
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